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The biggest fear [has been] going to bed and wondering if I would wake up


Name: M (anon)

Location: Donegal

Infection Date: 24th September 2020

Profession: Public Servant

Hopes for the Future

Treatment. Understanding. Compassion. While it's awful having this, I know people look at me thinking there is nothing wrong with me, and I've just turned into a lazy overweight hypochondriac. There is very little support for the long haulers, and I have no doubt if it wasn't for the Facebook support group, a few sufferers may not have survived.

My Story

A year today I got my covid positive test, not realising how much my life would change. 43 year old mother of 6, full time shift work. My initial illness was night sweats cough, body aches temp shortness of breath. My 13 year old tested positive the same day, and and my eldest and youngest son were positive the following week. We went from the positive isolating in the house to the negative isolating as my husband and 3 other children tested neg, and it was too hard to keep the 3 year old away from everyone. Once out of isolation I went to get back to my walking as I thought the fresh air and change of scenery would aid my recovery, but this only seemed to make me worse. I ended up bed ridden with chronic fatigue, and unable to shower in the mornings without feeling faint and weak with heart racing and palpitations.

My 3 year old hasn't slept a full night since he tested positive. This has been put down to changes at his age, and I have 5 older children, and none of them ever went through this episode for a year! I still have the palpitations sweats brain fog and a lot of the other symptoms on and off. The fatigue and joint pain are the hardest to deal with. I think the biggest fear over the last year has been the unknown, going to bed and wondering if I would wake up. I I know things will get better, but it's just taking an awful lot longer than I expected.

Most Challenging Aspect

Not being as active as I used to be. I was walking roughly 10km a day last year, and I was able to cycle with the kids, play football with them, and basically loved the outdoor life. I haven't read a book, and I love reading! I don't know if this is to do with the brain fog, but I can't concentrate to read a few pages. We are campers too, and I struggled to enjoy our trips this year with the fatigue and joint pains limiting what I was fit to do with the kids. I've also gained a lot of weight and after doing well with depression and low moods for 2 and a half years I am back on medication for them.

Most Positive Aspect

I suppose not to take things for granted. Life can change at the flick of a switch. I am so grateful for the days I am fit to do small things. I love being home to tuck the kids into bed. I have enjoyed being home with the children as I still have not returned to work, but I also miss my job and look forward to the day I'll. be fit to return.

Some people prefer to stay anonymous while telling their stories. If you or anyone you know has been affected by Long Covid, you can find solace in the Long Covid Facebook group.

Click here to join.

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