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John: It's the little things I took for granted and now can't do I miss the most.

Updated: Apr 28

A selfie of John, a long covid Ireland member, smiling

My Story

Hi, it has been a very difficult journey the last 9 months. Life changing. Normal tasks have become challenging and frustrating. For a person who was never really sick during my life I find it difficult now to accept long covid. But accept it I have to as there is no point getting down and frustrated with it. Fear is also a part of the journey. People tell me how well I look, but on the inside I don't feel well. For me I would think that people think it's all in my head but the more long covid is highlighted the better it is for all of us. Thank God my GP is very supportive and understanding of my situation . Two weeks ago I wore a 24 hour blood pressure monitor and thankfully it showed up symptoms of POTS syndrome. I have started a low dose of beta blockers now so hopefully they will help with the dizziness and increased heart rate when I stand or get up from a lying position. This was good for me because all my scan and x-rays and blood results were coming back normal so I really thought I was going mad with symptoms. Brain fog is also a major issue for me. This has got to be the most frustrating part for me. Trying to remember things and think straight. Fatigue is annoying too. For me, a person who loved to walk, and now not being able is also very sad. It's the little things I took for granted and now can't do I miss the most. For me taking voluntary redundancy from a job I worked at for 24 years was a big step. I felt doing this and focusing on getting my health back was the right thing to do. Here's hoping 2022 will get me back to full health and a new job.🙏.Being part of long covid ireland has been so important to me. It keeps me going very supportive and caring.

Most Challenging Aspect

Accepting my new life and my limitations. It's so difficult when you are such an active person to be so tired all the time.

Hopes for the Future

I hope research will be done to help thousands of people suffering. I also hope there will be more recognition of us and better supports.

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