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Cathy: I am one of the lucky ones


Name: Cathy

Location: Kerry

Infection Date: 2nd of Jan 2021

Profession: Pediatric Nurse

Hopes for the Future

That Long Covid is taken as a serious illness that effects every aspect of a person's life. That proper supports are set up for physical and mental health. Plan for employers and to help people in financial difficulties.

My Story

I developed Covid Jan 2021 having worked over Christmas. I work as a nurse so thought I was super careful. Developed as respiratory symptoms first which slightly improved then week later developed temperature and over next few days gradually worsened. Was the most frightening experience- I nursed myself at home couldn't breathe sleeping on 3 x pillows humidifiers nebulisers sleep apnoeas. I went to A+E twice with chest pain and headaches etc. All tests came back clear.

I had to set alarms to wake me up to try drink and eat.

Only for family zoom calls daily and friends dropping shopping and dinners kept me going. Every system in my body was effected. I literally thought I'd be better in a month but dragged on 7 mths later. Fatigue and headaches body aches the worst. Eventually, I went back to work in June, even though I still wasn't right as there were issues with my pay. I had used up my illness benefit so was going to be on no pay. Due to a memo from the HSE in January 2021 RE: Covid and Pay. Have mortgage etc to pay. So much for caring profession. I'm on reduced hours & still using my annual leave. My ward managers have been helpful trying to sort my duty to make it easier for me to work. As mentally I need it and interaction with my friends and colleagues keeps me sane. On positive note I am improving even if very slowly. Please God brighter days ahead. I am one of lucky ones.

Most Challenging Aspect

The most challenging for me has been trying to stay positive and keep spirits up. Peoples ignorance through no fault of theirs about Covid and Long Covid thinking you look great and just not getting that your body etc doesn't feel great. Also stress re work and financial issues

Most Positive Aspect

I realise the importance of family and good friends. I realise my priorities in life and I enjoy the simple things like nature more.

Some people prefer to stay anonymous while telling their stories. If you or anyone you know has been affected by Long Covid, you can find solace in the Long Covid Facebook group. Click here to join.


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