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Ann: My only symptom was a headache


Name: Ann

Location: Kilkenny

Infection Date: 2nd January 2021

Profession: Primary Teacher

Hopes for the Future

To be the old me in a better form

My Story

My only symptom was a headache. Then by the end of isolation period I felt that my breathing was bit off. I also had slight uncomfortable upper back ache. I was on anti inflammatories for a week. I was then on steroids. In Feb I had chest x-ray and all clear. March I asked to be referred to respiratory consultant.

I was now on sick leave as school reopened & managed online ok. After few weeks I saw the consultant and was prescribed 2 inhalers. Had pft twice and within the six weeks and 2 inhalers no change. Had a bronchoscopy last week and I'm beginning to feel a bit better

secretions were removed with ease according to the report so now inhaler might work. Will revisit the consultant in November. Pg by then...he did tell me in March that it would take me a year so I'm well on the way by now. Currently my energy is so so. I potter all day don't get up til after 10 each day. I still find it hard to go asleep twist and turn a lot.

Most Challenging Aspect

Not knowing when I will be better. Miss exercise so much . Lack of understanding by many.

Most Positive Aspect

The Long Covid Facebook group, trying yoga, learning a lot about myself and others

Some people prefer to stay anonymous while telling their stories. If you or anyone you know has been affected by Long Covid, you can find solace in the Long Covid Facebook group.

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