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Aidan: Stop saying to me "sure you're fine!" & Deirdre: I feel guilty all the time.


Name: Aidan

Location: Co. Cork

Infection Date: 4th of November 2020

Profession: Student

Hopes for the Future

Hopefully soon there will be a reason why people suffer Long Covid, that we get financial support in this horrible time in our lives and people would stop saying to me "sure, you're fine!"

My Story

In my experience I was tested negative but my gp would not arrange for a re-test as she said "it must be a different virus". I know it's good that my bloods and tests come back clear but it's like somebody else's results - not mine, as my body is so tired from being sick. I know the consultants do not know much about the virus but to tell me take panadol for 2 weeks really is not good enough. If doctor's, consultants, and department of health showed us some compassion in this difficult time it might just make my day a bit easier to deal with.

Most Challenging Aspect

Not knowing from hour to hour what I am going to be like, as symptoms come and go, a lot of people would say to me "your looking great" but if they only knew the pain I'm going through.

Most Positive Aspect

Thanks to the Long Covid Facebook page, I know there is lots of people suffering every day like me, and I don't feel like on my own in this horrible time.


Name: Deirdre

Location: Co. Clare

Infection Date: 18th of May 2021

Profession: Support Worker

Hopes for the Future

To increase my strength.

My Story

I have been so careful, as I support vulnerable people. I got Covid through my daughter who was in contact with her dad who chose not to wear a mask at his work. I found the initial days not too bad but developed respiratory issues. I was not hospitalised but put on steroids which had no effect. I've lost my sense of taste and smell- I sometimes smell burning or disgusting odours. If I get a glimpse of a smell and think what it is, it's gone again as quick. I went back to work on July. It's been hard, I have very sore legs all the time, my breathing is not so bad but if I move I start breathing heavy. If I go upstairs I'm breathless. I try to walk but I'm in pain after a few metres and sometimes I can't stop due to work. I feel guilty all the time that I'm not exercising and not improving. I see people looking at me as I'm very overweight and think they wondering if I brought it on myself. I knew I was at risk and had lost weight before this and have gained some back but I'm working on that too. I've started intermittent fasting now as it's supposed to help and I think it is. I suffered with depression before and during Covid and I'm dealing with it but it's a battle to fight the anxiety and racing thoughts. I'm positive I can get through this and my greatest lesson is having patience to take my time doing so.

Most Challenging Aspect

The fatigue, leg pain and back pain.

Most Positive Aspect Learning patience.

Some people prefer to stay anonymous while telling their stories. If you or anyone you know has been affected by Long Covid, you can find solace in the Long Covid Facebook group. Click here to join.


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