Patient Led Guidelines

The information provided in this section has been shared by and collected by patients of Long Covid who are members of our online community. We wanted to offer examples of lived experience to those suffering after having contracted Covid-19. 

We advise you to consult with your GP at all times.

This document has been created by experts by experience of Covid-19 infection to support those who have been recently infected.

This table displays the most common ongoing symptoms experienced by patients of Long Covid. These symptoms are not limited to those who were hospitalised and experienced severe cases of Covid.

This document has been put together by medical professionals who are members of the group. We understand the concerns many have and have collated some information.

Long Covid Recovery Guidelines

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Patient Report

This letter was drafted by patients of Long Covid on behalf of all patients in Covid Cases Ireland and was forwarded to all politicians in Ireland on the 18th of November 2020. Our aim was to highlight the severity of the illness and the wide range of other issues patients are experiencing. We requested accurate acknowledgment and an increase in patient care in the form of multidisciplinary Post Covid Clinics.
As of yet, we have not received a satisfactory reply.

Official Guidelines

Your Covid Recovery

Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome


Supporting your Recovery

Post Viral Fatigue Following Covid Infection

Conserving Your Energy