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About Us

Founded on the 17th of June 2020 by Claire Twomey, the aim of our group is to ensure that people know that they are not alone. We provide space for people to talk openly about their experience while being surrounded by those who know exactly what you're going through.


The group is open to people who are experiencing on-going COVID related symptoms, regardless of positive or negative test results. It is also available to anyone caring for children, partners or parents who contracted the virus.


640k+ people in Ireland have contracted COVID-19. We are now learning that many of us are not just bouncing back to normal after a few weeks and that the recovery process can be frustrating, lonely and challenging.


People are experiencing a wide range of ongoing symptoms and there is uncertainty about how long it will take to return to full health. There is also very little research and supports available and therefore members use the group to share information and practical tips to help with their recovery.

Long COVID Ireland Mission Statement

COVID Cases Ireland was founded to bring together those who are suffering from ongoing symptoms of COVID-19, long after their initial infection.


The online community through the Facebook platform creates a safe and secure space for all patients to talk openly about their experience, while being surrounded by those who know exactly what you're going through.


The aim and objective of  Long COVID Ireland:


  1. Support those suffering from COVID-19 by illness or bereavement.

  2. Raise awareness and understanding of Long COVID.

  3. Gather and share information on services and supports available.

  4. Advocate on behalf of patients for improved services.

  5. Work alongside services and supports providing care to patients.


Running The Group

Long COVID Ireland is patient led group. Over the course of the last 29 months, there have been many members who have contributed to the creation of  resources, back of house administration and management of the online community, which brought the group to where it is today. 

The admin team are also battling Long COVID, and carry out their work in between managing symptoms and relapses. Please be aware that this restricts and limits us in our abilities for advocacy and presences online.

Group Member Experiences

Grey Limbo

Thank you so so much the relief I'm feeling reading all the posts and hearing everyone's stories is amazing. Defo not alone. I joined this page very early on, I didn’t know any other person who tested positive that I could speak to and if I mentioned I'd had Corona people ran a mile. I get more help and support by being a part of this group. I’ll always be grateful to you!


Grey Limbo

Thanks for starting this support group. I heard you on Sarah McInerney and I cried and cried. I just find my whole Covid experience so bewildering and scary. There is very little space or discussion about "long haulers" and I find people dismiss you. To have this group, where people know how real this is, how physically debilitating and mentally exhausting this ongoing battle can be, is just marvellous!


Grey Limbo

I’ve been suffering with post viral symptoms the last 5 months and the last 2 weeks I was really struggling mentally again like the people in the group thinking I was going mad. Seeing so many in the group feeling the same is awful but selfishly it’s helped me so much to see I’m not alone. I watched your video yesterday and bawled crying, you bring so much hope. Thank you so so much, for being so vocal and setting up the group for those of us who can’t!


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