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Getting Better, together.

Long Covid Ireland is an online community run by long covid survivors offering support, education, community and advocacy

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We advocate on behalf of Long Covid patients all over Ireland.



We provide information so you can better understand your illness.



We connect Patients who come together to share, connect and heal together.

What we do


We have created a set of guides to help you navigate your illness.

Help on your journey

We have put together some quick guides to help you understand your illness and the some handy tips for managing your symptoms at home.

What is Long Covid?

Learn about your illness, symptoms, causes and treatments.

How to deal with symptoms?

Tips on how to manage your symptoms.

Long Covid Service Directory

A directory of Long Covid Clinics, Physio.

Financial Guide

Financial guides

Member stories

Sometimes knowing that there are others going through the same thing can help us feel less alone. Our members have come together to share their experiences in the hopes of helping you through this difficult time.

Join our Facebook Community

Our community is a place to connect with other Long Covid patients, share stories and swap recovery tips with others who understand what you're going through.  

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