18 months on, Long COVID Patients in Ireland continue to experience gaslighting from members of the public and medical professionals. Patients have been neglected by the state and struggle to receive treatment despite many attempts by members of highlighting their stories in the media and writing to TD's. 
In November 2020 a detailed report of the many challenges patients were experiencing was forwarded to every government politician in Ireland. We wrote asking for acknowledgement and treatment services as Long COVID has been officially recognised and accepted as a illness world wide.
In Ireland, patients continue to struggle to receive proper treatment and care.

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Who We Are

Long COVID Ireland is an online community for: 

  • People who are struggling to recover from COVID19.

  • People experiencing ongoing symptoms after initial infection.

  • People caring for family members suffering with Long COVID.

  • People struggling to access services/supports. 

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How You Can Support Us

  • Learn about our illness.

  • Educate others about Long COVID.

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What We Do

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First 30 Days

We have created a guide to support and inform those recently infected based on information collected from other patients, experts by experience.

We hope that this will offer support and solace in a time of uncertainty. This is not classed as medical advice, and you should continue to consult with your GP.

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COVID patients have been experiencing a wide range of and sometimes bewildering symptoms long after their initial COVID infection.

We created this table in October 2020 after collecting data from the online community. Many members of the group report experiencing 5 or more symptoms at the same time on a daily basis.

This table be may used as a tool to help your memory and explain to Medical Professionals what your experiencing. 

These are the most common but symptoms but we recognise that Long COVID is not limited to this.

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Long COVID Physio News

We are honoured to have been invited to partner with Long COVID Physio. Long COVID Physio is an international peer support, education and advocacy, patient-led association of Physiotherapists living with Long COVID and allies. Working internationally across advocacy, policy, guideline development and research, their education outputs are for anybody living with Long COVID and people wanting to learn more.

Founded in November 2020 by Physiotherapists living with Long COVID from the United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US), Long COVID Physio partners with the following organisations as strategic alliances for the purpose of connecting to create change in Long COVID peer support, education, advocacy, research and other activities: Body Politic, Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Covid Long-Haulers Support Group Canada, DwM.E., Fisio Camera, Long Covid Europe, Long Covid Kids, Long Covid Scotland,Long Covid SOS, Long Covid Support, Mount Sinai, Occupational Therapy for Long Covid, Patient-Led Research Collaborative, Physical Therapy University of Toronto, Physios for M.E., World Physiotherapy.
We look forward to this global collaboration.

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